Santa’s Story

Find out how Santa's journey began in Lovely Listowel

Why Santa Loves Listowel

Fadó Fadó, Santa was trying to figure out his method of transporting gifts to children, and was testing a boat pulled by fish down the River Feale. Of course, the boat idea didn’t work out, but on the banks was a beautiful girl picking wildflowers. Santa tried to get the fish to slow down, but fish are notoriously bad listeners and they sped up and dumped Santa in the river. The girl helped him out of the water and offered him tea to warm up. After the fish swam off with the boat, Santa wasn’t entirely sure how to get home. The beautiful girl gently suggested a local train, known far and wide for its ability to take passengers anywhere they wanted to go. As they stepped onto the Lartigue Monorail, the girl told Santa to close his eyes and think of his home.  In the blink of an eye, they were at the North Pole and they all lived happily ever after!