We had a wonderful time, it was just magical, well done to all involved. We had 2 four year olds with us and they loved every minute of it. Santa was just lovely so friendly and kind and really took his time to listen to the children. The elves did a wonderful job and the craft room is a fantastic idea, we now have lovely crafts to treasure and not having to queue was a major advantage, I really feel some amazing memories were made today, Thank you all so much
Leona Fitzmaurice Lynch, Killorglin, Co Kerry
December 2017

Many thanks to each and everyone at the North Pole Express today!!
What a special experience!!
Our two boys were enthralled by it all and Mammy and Daddy were super impressed with the set-up, the elves, Mrs. Clause, the crafts – not to mention the main man himself
From the moment we arrived at the station, everyone was so fabulous – so welcoming, so inclusive, they really went “all-out” to ensure that the experience was special for us all.
Seeing the workings of the monorail and getting a history from one of the train conductors before setting-off was a real bonus for our inquisitive son.
I booked this for our family this year as I liked the concept behind it – a community working together. We were not disappointed even when we had left the monorail. All the shops we went to in Listowel made a great effort with their window decorations on the train theme and made a great fuss of the two boys. The passport was a great touch.
I applaud all involved for what is surely a mammoth effort. As we hopped in the car to leave, our son asked can we come again next year ….praise indeed!
Take a bow for a job well done and enjoy the rest for Christmas.
Happy Christmas to you all
Aisling Toomey, Limerick City
December 2017

We visited Listowel North Pole Express yesterday having driven all the way from Athenry. I had two excited girls aged 9 and 6, and their older brother aged 11 with me. Frankly big brother was an unwilling passenger as we set out, but he was prepared to come along out of curiosity.
From the minute we arrived in Listowel we were made to feel so welcome. We stopped off at John R’s for a spot of lunch first. Each and every girl who served us could not have been more accommodating to our somewhat fussy children, yet nothing was too much trouble. The owner Pierce picked up on us having travelled from Athenry, and very thoughtfully asked after our little friend Savannah, who was ill recently. I was super impressed by that. After hearty sustenance from this beautiful restaurant (which was heaving the entire time we were there), it was on to the Lartigue Monorail for us. From the minute we set foot inside, it was magic from beginning to end. The story telling, the highly anticipated train ride, watching the engineers switch the engine from the back to the front for the return trip, the gingerbread making, decorating the ornaments and finally the visit to the man himself. Brother Jack was all impressed by his knowledge of sport, and Jack had no answer for Santa when he asked him if he brought Liam McCarthy with him. I imagine Liam might not know how to get to Kerry but I am not too sure either!
After the Santa experience and with our town passport in hand, we drove back in to Listowel, where we parked the car and walked the town in search of some nice discounts, thanks to the said passport. The only purchases we did make were some books at a lovely bookshop, but like John Rs earlier, each shop we visited were just so nice to us all. There’s a lovely, honest ‘everybody help each other’ vibe in this town. Definitely worth the 2 hr journey.
We would have stayed overnight only there was a minis rugby party to get to today, and that could not be missed!
Overall a lovely day spent in Listowel. Well done everybody down there!!
Cathy Dillon, Athenry, Co Galway
December 2017

PS the one who enjoyed it the most was the brother Jack, the one who didn’t want to travel initially!!